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How People of Every Age and Every Ability Really Learn

When learners engage in and practice doing actual activities, it creates meaningful interactions and authentic learning experiences.

Only learners can learn and provide information and knowledge, but actual "learning" will only happen if the learner is interested and engaged at that time. Learning needs to be the learner's choice, learner-led, and learner-centered.

The most effective learning environment fosters shared, collaborative experiences in which learners mentor and teach one another. It includes learners of varying degrees of age, skill, and talent. Learners observe others help others, are supported by others, and work together.

Read Guiding Principles of How We Learn

This Affects Us All
Everyone is a learner. Everyone is a teacher/mentor

Learn More

Read through our website to discover supporting works and writings, observe non-traditional schools for unique practices, and evaluate your own learning environments.

Share with others

Spark conversation and connection with colleagues, friends, neighbors - in person, over email, and through social media.


Get involved

Deeply engage in your learner's life, advocate for the learning environment you value, adapt curriculum to fit your learner's needs, run for a school board position, join or create a group promoting learning, and not for community leaders that appreciate how we learn.


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